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There is little time when hiring is carried out without considering the summary. This document is the candidate's business card. Therefore, special attention should be paid to how to resume writing so that from the entire stream of people, the employer chose you.
One of the most important sections is your work experience. This is usually the longest section in the document. Its mission is to demonstrate that your previous work allowed you to move to the next job, not that you are looking for a new job, due to problems in the previous place. Here, starting with your last work, you should indicate your most appropriate experience in the last ten to fifteen years.
It is important to specify the name of the employer, the position that was held, the number of years of work and several points with your strong and most significant achievements. To have a greater impact - apply strong action verbs and list achievements, not tasks, because employers are more interested in your achievements, not just in the functions you performed. If possible, also use numbers to measure your success. There are at least three different options for this - to indicate how many people you managed, how much time you spent. To achieve success and money, or rather the ratio of income to embezzlement.
It is also worth paying special attention to skills. Because it is this section that can highlight the CV that employers are looking for. Depending on how well defined the skills correspond to the job description. Depending on what is a priority - experience or skills, you can indicate them in any convenient order. In general, there are two types of skills: special and social. The first are abilities characteristic of your work. Social are abilities that can be applied in any work. They include communication or customer service skills. You need to carefully analyze the job description to find out which skills the employer values most.